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    Brilliant HTML and CSS

    Product Description:
    Brilliant HTML & CSS is a visual quick reference book that teaches all that you need to know to create clean, forward-looking, standards-compliant, accessible Web sites using HTML & CSS. It will give you a solid grounding on the theory, coding skills, and best practices needed to use HTML & CSS to build sophisticated web pages ?a complete reference for the beginner and intermediate user.


    Brilliant HTML and CSS provides beginning Web designers and developers with the necessary theory, coding skills, and best practices to create clean, forward-looking, standards-compliant, accessible Web sites. The text reinforces the important distinction between structure and presentation and emphasizes the proper application of HTML tags and CSS properties from the opening chapter. Part I focuses on structural development, while Part II addresses presentation topics, and Part III offers advice about common design and navigation problems and the rationale behind their solutions. Upon finishing this book, a reader with no prior experience in Web design and development will be able to build sophisticated static pages. (An ideal companion to this book would be Brilliant Javascript.) In keeping with the Brilliant series, the book uses a highly visual, task-based approach to achieve its objectives.

    Brilliant Features

    Detailed index and troubleshooting guide to help you find exactly what you need to know
    Each task is presented on one or two pages
    Numbered steps guide you through each task or problem
    Numerous screenshots illustrate each step
    ?ee Also ? boxes point you to related tasks and information in the book
    ?id you know ?…?sections alert you to relevant expert tips, tricks and advice
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