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  1. Onefdiere

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    So I was just watching some late night TV where people like Guthy Renker (etc.) promote products to people. There a several products right now being promoted in the weight loss/fitness market. And they're all pretty much promising the same result. (Slim, toned body etc.) However they're all combating the problem with different methods/solutions. So I was thinking: Why doesn't someone create a website which helps people choose with program would be most suited to them. With the “pros” and “cons” of each workout program so that consumers can choose which method would be best for them. (And then, of course, having provided this valuable service, you'll make money as an affiliate.) If I wasn’t so busy with something else I’d consider providing this service myself. Hi Jonathan, Do you mean like a review site for these fitness products? Can you expand upon this, please? chemo38 Yeah exactly. Like a review site. As a
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    Sounds great...good way to keep healthy and fit
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    If you want to promote your business then there are many ways where you can promote it.You should give a name to your brands which is very important and useful to you.
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    Nowadays mostly person are know our product from his brand. Product brand are really important to promote our business. In today we are show many types of product with same brand like a Samsung TV, mobile and refrigerator. If your brand is well reputed in the market so you can easily launch other product with same brand.
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    Actually before promoting a product in tv shows, they just maintained a website but i think you don't know about this. Once the website has been launched then only they promote their product/services, because website is the main base of a business so people want to purchase they can order the product through by a phone call or through a website.

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