Black and Blue 8[Admin CP Style] IT ROCKS!!!

Discussion in '3.8.x AdminCP Styles' started by MobileHacks, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. MobileHacks

    MobileHacks New Member

    This is a fast loading, minimal graphics, dark style. IT ROCKS!!!!

    To Install:
    • Unzip “vBulletin_BlackandBlue_8” and upload “vBulletin_BlackandBlue_8” folder to cpstyles in your forums folder (forum/cpstyles)
    • Before Logging into your Admin control panel use the option button to select this style.
    • Login and make sure you click install...
  2. b33znutz

    b33znutz New Member

    looks great! thanks for the share!
  3. cryrichter

    cryrichter New Member

    that looks sweet
  4. DiamondBack

    DiamondBack New Member

    Sieht geil aus^^...Looks Great
  5. odln018

    odln018 New Member

    Excellent, thank you!
  6. Godly Chaos

    Godly Chaos New Member

    I love this!!!!
  7. Cokaric

    Cokaric New Member

    Great template.
  8. ForumFreak

    ForumFreak New Member

    This is rocking :)
  9. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

    If this is number 8, where are the other 7? :p

    Thanks mate, not enough ACP Styles

    Thanks +rep
  10. Spinifex

    Spinifex New Member

    yeah it is kinda saucy i must admit, but might be a bit too dark tho?
  11. mourya

    mourya New Member

    # Login and make sure you click install...

    install what and where????
  12. zeroh

    zeroh New Member

    Looks awesome, thanks!
  13. animegfx

    animegfx New Member

    i like it ty

    Thank you so very much
  14. djchaos667

    djchaos667 New Member

    Sweet style, thanks for sharing.
  15. eastwood1

    eastwood1 New Member

    Looks great thanks for this
  16. Nite-Hax

    Nite-Hax New Member

    I love it !

    Thanks for sharing .;)
  17. H-T

    H-T New Member

    thnx maaaaaaaan
  18. cryingsoul

    cryingsoul New Member

    hmmm i added the files to my FTP at htdocs/cpstyles but now how do install :s ?
  19. TrainerScape

    TrainerScape New Member

    thats badass dude thanks.
  20. Webdude

    Webdude New Member

    it made my eyes bleed :(

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