Best hosting for a Multiupload website ?

Discussion in 'Server Management' started by Lawncauch, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Lawncauch

    Lawncauch New Member

    HI, i wanna know the Best hosting for a Multiupload website ?

    I need :

    8 GB RAM
    100 GB HDD
    20 TB monthly Bandwidth
    Fully managed

    thank you.[​IMG] You might want to specify budget, location, etc..
    and you sure 100gb disk and 20TB BW is enough ? You will be afterall uploading to multiple filehosts i only needed 100 gb.

    budget, location will not be important for me.

    their Special thread: have good and very fast server from this[​IMG] but not have Fully Managed..can buy Management from another Management Company. Thanks guys. i will see all those hostings

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