Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

Discussion in 'Web Hosting Forum' started by electra, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. electra

    electra New Member

    Shared Hosting is a most helpful tool for small businesses. I still use shared hosting for most of my sites; the good thing about shared-hosting is that you don’t need to concern about server administration.
  2. hostaddonltd

    hostaddonltd New Member

    Some of the benefits of a shared web hosting are,
    * No maintenance of servers
    * low of cost
    * Ideal for small websites etc.,
    There are many web hosts providing shared hosting. One of the example is . This web host provides an excellent service in hosting field. They provide shared hosting plans for very low and affordable cost.
  3. hostaddonltd

    hostaddonltd New Member

    As of me Shared hosting is good if you want your site online within 24 hours, you are short on technical experience, and you want affordable hosting solutions. The best thing about shared web hosting solution is that it offers the benefits of high performance web hosting services, while sharing a powerful web server with several others.
  4. davidbush

    davidbush New Member

    This is the main benefit of a shared webhosting. As the server is shared between many users, the price for a shared plan is the lowest.
  5. madelinekim

    madelinekim New Member

    Shared is very much beneficial tool for small business. Share hosting made it possible to bring many small businesses on Internet and it also helped may people to do marketing of their products and services on the Internet.
  6. AddinsonKenny

    AddinsonKenny New Member

    The main 6 advantages of shared web hosting are:
    Social Media Integration
    Google Adwords Voucher
    cPanel & Softaculous
    Host multiple websites

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