Automatic Thread Tagger - Ported to 3.8.0

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  1. vForums

    vForums New Member

    || # Automatic Thread Tagger - Ported to 3.8.0 by, # ||​

    When a user submits a new thread this modification will automatically take keywords from the thread title and use these as tags.

    As an example, if a user submits a thread with a title of:
    "Help me im stuck badly with vBulletin!"

    The thread will be automatically tagged with:

    - Help
    - vBulletin
    - Stuck

    If the user also submits an actual tag of "vBulletin" this will not be duplicated. Any rules you have setup for tagging will be respected.

    If you choose to do so this product will also automatically tag threads created by incoming RSS feeds.

    Installation / Upgrade
    1. Upload all files from "upload" to your server, take care of the directory structure
    2. Import "product-auto_thread_tagger110.xml" as a product, overwrite if it's already installed
    3. Check settings
    4. Run maintenance / Auto Tag Threads to tag existing threads (needed if you want to use the cron)
  2. yak_vi

    yak_vi New Member

    Thanks for this!!
  3. newperson2008

    newperson2008 New Member

    wait a minute, this was for 3.7. right? i have the 3.7 version installed on my 3.8.0 forum and it works fine so why make another one for 3.8??
  4. VADOS [Dj]

    VADOS [Dj] New Member

    Yeah - what's the difference between this hack and the old one (which is 1.2.0)???
  5. vForums

    vForums New Member

    The old one doesnt work with 3.8.0
  6. Xcantion

    Xcantion New Member

    isnt compatibel with 3.8.99 and above that means ... isnt compatibel with 3.8r2
  7. VADOS [Dj]

    VADOS [Dj] New Member

    The "old one" (1.2.0) is working on my 3.8.0 board... )))
  8. vForums

    vForums New Member

    RC2 was before 3.8.0 xD,
  9. vForums

    vForums New Member

    Maybe because you upgraded with the plugin installed that bypasses the requirements within the code , Quit flaming because you will just get proven wrong.
  10. newperson2008

    newperson2008 New Member

    does it look like im flaming? no. i was just asking a question, man i swear everybody here is a straight up asshole to people.
  11. welcome

    welcome New Member

    FYI This will not work with 3.8.0 Release Candidate 2
  12. Security

    Security New Member

    which one is old?
  13. VADOS [Dj]

    VADOS [Dj] New Member

    Eeeemm... I upgraded my board from 3.6.12 to 3.8.0 first and then installed that hack (the "old" version)
    Is it flamin' too? xD
    Anyway... thanks man :)
  14. apramana

    apramana New Member

    thanks for the share
  15. CharmedCF

    CharmedCF New Member

    Thanks for this!
  16. rcpkrc

    rcpkrc New Member

    working wth 3.8.1???
  17. possibly

    possibly New Member

    Worked perfectly!

    EDIT: Yes with 3.8.1 NULLED
  18. vForums

    vForums New Member

    it will work with up to 3.8.99 :)
  19. shaun166

    shaun166 New Member

    i got a flood message when posting new thread help..
  20. AK47z

    AK47z New Member

    Thanks Its great

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