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Discussion in 'Language Packs' started by khaledvic, Feb 26, 2009.

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    I tried your arabic language pack but when I tried to edit/translate in the Language Manager, the translate text box they are empty. Can you help? Any step by step tutorial how to use the arabic language pack?
  3. khaledvic

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    I can't understand just import it by admincp it contains all the option like rtl ....
    or try the full vb arabic
  4. ahmedr

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    don't understand fully what you mean but from what I understood

    you wanna change or replace the text:

    when you check the text you haveto click on "paste original text" or "show original text" or something like that where the field is empty as it comes out empty at first so you can type what you want, there's a button next to the text area click that to show the arabic (or) english text that is originaly there

    hope thats what you meant to find out hafiz
    takecare, if you don't understand, reply and I'll upload some images to show you

    Thanks a bunch Khaled for this post, been searching for this!!
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    بارك الله فيك اخي خالد .. وتعريب صحيح 100 بالمئة . شكرا لك
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    thanks bro and good job

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