3000 Icons for vB Desin. Use it Your Way

Discussion in 'vB Graphics' started by moiz615, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. moiz615

    moiz615 New Member

    found it somewhere awesome collection. I use it for Favicons of my forum.
  2. Proxicide

    Proxicide New Member

    Thanks bro this is what i was looking for in the past 2 weeks. i gave you a 'Thanks!'
  3. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

  4. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

  5. zoics

    zoics New Member

    thx. very nice pack
  6. deeboi

    deeboi New Member

    Allot of great icons there m8, cheers. :)
  7. chakru

    chakru New Member

    wow wow wow this awesome! thank you so much!!
  8. eastwood1

    eastwood1 New Member

    Thanks for this huge share very nice indeed they sure will come in handy
  9. moiz615

    moiz615 New Member

    I basically use them as Favicons :p
  10. PrinceIsrael

    PrinceIsrael New Member

    thanks mate! ;)
  11. vanity

    vanity New Member

    Damn dude, thanks for this :D
  12. MobilesDhoom

    MobilesDhoom New Member

    awesome collection mate...
  13. dannyheath

    dannyheath New Member

    is thay any for gameing or xbox
  14. moiz615

    moiz615 New Member

    There should be.
  15. PMK

    PMK New Member

    Very nice, i like this collection. thanks for share.

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