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  1. Updated car forums style to 3.8.3...

    View Demo

    Psd for the logo and top right images is attached in the zip.
  2. Xx_Jewbacca_xX

    Xx_Jewbacca_xX New Member

    I think this would be good without cars. Good color scheme.

  3. It is really nice looking. You could easily change it to some other topic.
  4. Xx_Jewbacca_xX

    Xx_Jewbacca_xX New Member

    EDIT: Nevermind. Also, good job on all of your styles. They are very good.
  5. They are not MY styles BTW. I'm simply reposting the author's text. I guess I should edit that, lol.
  6. ronniuchiha

    ronniuchiha New Member

    This is really good post to read but the skin of the car forum is not showing in link. I like this forum (forums.mg-rover.org/) skin which is really simple and good.

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