[3.8.2]Blackstream Lighting Blue[TheProphet]

Discussion in '3.8.x Premium Styles' started by TheProphet, May 28, 2009.

  1. TheProphet

    TheProphet New Member

    This is a vBTEAM exclusive do not post else where!!

    [3.8.2]Blackstream Lighting Blue

    !!! Pay a little respect and "Thank Me" if you like this style and me continue to porting and ripping styles !!!

    !!! No Thanks = No Support !!!

    Main Style with Menu

    Main Style without Menu
  2. Rune Blaze

    Rune Blaze New Member

    looking very nice, but can you check your ambient_lighting 2.0 thread and help me fix it.

    it works on every page apart from my main forums page
  3. ucenik1

    ucenik1 New Member

    Thanks man! Nice style! Post more... :D

    EDIT: It would be better without this menu!
  4. TheProphet

    TheProphet New Member

    Well remove it yourself m8....

    BTW i update the package due a minor fix
  5. mmmxiv

    mmmxiv New Member

    Good Job mate
  6. remember

    remember New Member

    super job !!! i will use it :)

    thanks !!!
  7. ucenik1

    ucenik1 New Member

    I was talking about this line:

    I am not good in designig vb styles, i am good in php and c++!

    Can you remove it please?
  8. ucenik1

    ucenik1 New Member

    Can you make like this please? Thanks! ;)
  9. Rune Blaze

    Rune Blaze New Member

    can you give me the PSD file to edit the logo please?

    thanks for reading
  10. Alvaro_SG

    Alvaro_SG New Member

    Is possible to make it white?
  11. ucenik1

    ucenik1 New Member

    Somthing like this it would be nice and cool :D thanks :D
  12. Rune Blaze

    Rune Blaze New Member

    can you give me the psd file for the logo please?

    i want to change the logo for my forums
  13. TheProphet

    TheProphet New Member

    You need to make your own logo m8, as i don't have a psd file.
  14. alexD

    alexD New Member

    question can you make the header a fixed image? i wnated to make it a fixed image for my site , is it possible. i havent checked the images or anything to see thought I'd ask you the creater before I go messing around in it.
  15. TheProphet

    TheProphet New Member

    Yes it's possible m8....
  16. robert00693

    robert00693 New Member

    There is a white one, search the forums. Great Work as always
  17. Murdoc

    Murdoc New Member

    Thanks for the skins
  18. Liber

    Liber New Member

    lightning is amazing but wooooooooooow!!! dark-blue i like much more!!!!! super job prophet!!! you are the vb-yoda now
  19. haze108

    haze108 New Member

    thanks it works
    thanks it works

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