[3.7.x]Morbid ACP - AdminCP Style

Discussion in '3.7.x AdminCP Styles' started by kaB00M, May 25, 2008.

  1. kaB00M

    kaB00M New Member

    Admin CP style from vBulletin.org

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=3][b][color=DeepSkyBlue]MORBID ACP STYLE[/color][/b][/SIZE]
    Matching ACP Panel for Morbid Style
    - Upload vBulletin_3_Morbid Folder in cpstyles folder.
    There is also a matching style that i will upload soon!
  2. mr-e c a

    mr-e c a New Member

    wow ...

    thx u

    i installed
  3. dthuress

    dthuress New Member

    whoah there, this is a very nice cp skin !
  4. UnFeeLing

    UnFeeLing New Member

    nice style ;D
    author do you have any vista style?
  5. Immigrante

    Immigrante New Member

    very nice thanks 4 sharing.
  6. Ikram45

    Ikram45 New Member

    Very nice, i'm using it now!
  7. Ambreen

    Ambreen New Member

    its not working for me...plz help me

    i installed the vBulletin_3_Morbid in cpstyle but it does'nt worked

    what i do plz tell me? :s

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